Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Snow in North Carolina! Can you believe it? Here is the proof. We had fun making a snowman and playing in the snow with the girls (Collin enjoyed watching). Jamie pulled the girls on a sled behind the four wheeler. They had so much fun.

Milestone for Collin

Collin is finally holding his own bottle. Jamie has been sneaking and holding it for him in the morning. He still hasn't figured out that if he would just lean back it would be much easier. As you can see he leans forward and pushes his bottle up. So cute!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father-Daughter Ball

The time that I had with the girls was very special and is something that I will always cherish. I got to dance with both of my beautiful daughters, and tell them how much that I love them. Also I let them know that nothing they could ever do or say will ever change that. There is also a picture of one our good friends Nelson Hodge and his daughter Kaylea. The theme of the ball was a winter wonderland and the dance floor was an ice skating rink. Our church did a great job and the food was delicious with an ice cream sundae bar to end the night.

The Sexiest Man Alive

Those Abercrombie models don't have anything on Collin. I love to see him sucking his thumb. I had to wake him from his nap early so I decided to get a picture of this for a keepsake.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Collin

For Collin's birthday, I ordered a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery. It was so yummy! Collin took a couple of licks, but really didn't want to eat it. Don't worry though, it didn't go to waste. He just wanted to go to bed so I gave him a quick warm bath and laid him down.

Awards Day at Hopewell

Joy recieved an award for making the Principal's List first and second semester. She wouldn't look at me while she was on stage for a picture, but she is wearing the purple jacket. We are so proud of her!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009